Patsy Collins
April 21, 2021

What’s in a Westcoast Cloud Voice Hosted Seat?

What’s in a Westcoast Cloud Voice Hosted Seat?

The first question on most customer’s minds is “what is a hosted seat and what do I get?” A big departure from line-based telephony, the fully hosted model requires no on-premise equipment install, no new lines and no front loaded expenses.

You do, however, get a mountain of features, pristine call quality, and even call conferencing and simple integration with MS Teams. This post explains exactly what customers can expect when they switch their business phone system to Westcoast Cloud Voice.

 Futureproof Phone System Features

Get every business phone system feature that you need to stay connected to your customers and your teams. All-in-one communications that features video conferencing, screen sharing, soft client*, cloud console switchboard, global on-net calling, group hunting, visual voicemail, eFax, barring, paging, custom music on hold and more.

You can manage every customer, user, location and feature from the easy-to-use Westcoast Cloud Voice UC Portal remotely.

Westcoast Unified Communications Portal

Unified Communications (UC) is equipment, software and services that facilitates real-time, interactive use of multiple communication methods. These methods include email, fax, voicemail, video conferencing, live messenger and more, all modifiable from the UC Portal.


The Unified Communications Portal is a browser-based, feature-packed platform with customisable permissions that helps users to easily control their phone system, features and hardware. The user-friendly browser-based portal allows users to add new lines, upgrade their hardware, configure their call flows, set time of day routing and more.

Phone Number with Global Reach

Every Westcoast Cloud Voice Hosted Seat comes with an individual number that customers and colleagues can reach you on from your selected range. Unlike a traditional on premises PBX, cloud-based telephony is scalable and allows infinite additions.

Remotely add new customers, contractors, employees and sites with non-geographically tethered virtual numbers. Your internal number range is also treated as a local call, regardless of geographic location, whether you’re in York or New York City.

Device Preparation and Support

Device preparation is a big part of Westcoast Cloud Voice. All devices linked to your new account arrive pre configured and ready-to-use. Simply plug in your new devices and start making calls. Device and line settings are customisable and modifiable via the UC Portal.

Call and Video Conferencing

Did you know that 34% of companies still outsource their call conferencing services to a third party operator? This figure is staggering considering that modern phone systems include free of charge call conferencing facilities. Jumping into a conference is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Log into your Unified Communications Portal
  2. Select your Profile Card in the top-right corner.
  3. Click Conferencing, to view your PIN, conference number and get started!


It’s not just call conferencing, many businesses are using multiple video conference providers. Westcoast Cloud Voice’s Video Add-On offers one-click conferencing, scheduling and screen sharing for faster collaboration without additional service providers.

MS Teams Flexibility

Westcoast Cloud Voice seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams. Find out how easy it is to enable calling and dynamic cloud PBX features on MS Teams  – get in touch with to learn more.

Wait! One Final Thing…

Unlike many other telecoms providers – who charge extra for every feature they provide – Westcoast Cloud Voice is a Unified Communications service so the vast majority of our features are included. Some features such as eFax, Console and the Softphone require additional – completely transparent – fees and can be added to an account instantly!