Navigating the changing face of Microsoft partnerships

The Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP) has arrived and with it came some big changes. A key goal for these changes is to help partners stand out from the crowd with Solutions Partner designations and specialisations.

But isn’t it just a name change for Competencies? That’s just a small part of it.

At Westcoast Cloud, we want to make sure our partners have all the information they need, not just the headlines. That’s why we’ve set up the MCPP Hub, to cut through the babble and highlight both the good and the bad of the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.

On this page, you’ll find all the details that we’ve already covered on the MCPP. Take a look if you have questions like:

  • What options will CSPs have going forward?
  • Will we lose our Gold or Silver Partnership?
  • Can we still access internal use licenses?


Most importantly, if you have a question that hasn’t been covered here, get in touch with our Amplify team to get a call in place to go over any concerns you may have. The team are also on hand to help identify the best Partner Designations for your business and the best ways that they can be achieved.



In this episode of our regular podcast, Tom Marwood is joined by Sam Stead to explain what’s new with the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, covering things like Competencies, Partner Designations and earning points. Plus, they look at some of the pros and cons for SMBs.


Still unsure on the NCE and how it fits in with MCPP? All the quick facts you need on the NCE in one handy place, including:

  • Key dates and offers
  • Migration details
  • Licence T&Cs


Unsure on what the launch of the MCPP means for your business. Read this blog for our full take on the main changes and the impact that these may have.

Amplify- Introducing The Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

In this webinar we provide details on updated timescales, newly released licence information, and to take more questions from partners.

Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Changes

In this session we update you on the latest changes, and cover any concerns you may have with less then a month to go.

Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Q&A

In this webinar we provide details on updated timescales, newly released licence information, and to take more questions from partners.

Why Westcoast Cloud?

At Westcoast Cloud, we believe in relationships, not in transactions. In providing help and advice, not just software. That’s why we’re dedicated to making sure our partners stay ahead of the curve when it comes to things like price rises and new CSP programmes.

Along with the NCE Centre, companies that work with us also have access to a dedicated Partner Hub, training and learning resources, technical and marketing support, and experts dedicated to growing their businesses.

That’s what makes us Cloud Distributor of the Year.

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Treating partners like people, with honest, down-to-earth advice.

Watch Elliot Wilson from Complete IT talk about his experiences of working with Westcoast Cloud, and what sets us apart from other CSPs.