The Westcoast Cloud Team
November 26, 2021

All you need to know about NCE

By now, you’ve probably heard that Microsoft is changing its pricing structure. Confused about what this means for you and your customers? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back, with answers to some key questions you might have. Read on for all you need to know about the New Commerce Experience (NCE).

What’s changing?

• The cost of a Microsoft 365 subscription is going up. But the longer you commit, the cheaper the license price will be.
• You won’t be able to move supplier or cancel your contract mid-agreement.
• At the start of your next agreement or renewal you’ll have a 72 hour window for you to downgrade licenses, if you change your mind about something. After this window only increases and upgrades will be allowed.

When is this happening?

NCE will launch mid-January 2022.

Are there any promotions for moving platforms?

Yes, there are two promotions available they will apply to new commerce subscriptions of up to 2,400 seats. One is one for monthly subscribers and one for annual subscribers:

• Monthly Subscribers (in effect until July 2022): you could stay on the regular, annual term price instead of paying the 20% price premium up until July 2022.
Not all products will be available on a monthly rolling contract
• Annual Subscribers (in effect until March 2022): you could get a 5% discount on the current annual agreements price.

SKUs with addons attached are not eligible for the promotion. Whilst we’re talking about SKU’s there is no info on multi-year SKUs yet. As soon as we know you’ll know.

Please reach out to your Partner Engagement Manager for more information, or alternatively feel free to email us at

What about the old platforms I’m using?

• From June 2022 subscribers on the old platform won’t be able to make license adjustments.
• From October 2022 incentives and rebates against customers on the old platform will be disabled.
• You will need to move customers to the NCE to keep claiming rebates. From February 2023 the old platform will be shut down.

Got any more questions? Visit our NCE Centre.

The Westcoast Cloud team