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Finding the right cloud solution for your customers is critical to success. You need a partner that’s not only experienced; but offers the skills and support levels you need to flourish. We’re a Cloud Service Provider with years of experience, and we know how to help you meet each individual customers' needs with the perfect solution.

As a long-term partner of Microsoft, we’re able to provide you with the latest and greatest cloud tech, from Office 365 to Azure and everything in-between, and giving you all the tools and supporting services to take your business higher.

We don’t do average. Just extraordinary things.

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No, really. We offer trusted advice and support to help you achieve more. We know how to improve your productivity. We’re proven. And we’re dedicated to our partners’ businesses. 

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Our management team offers a wealth of experience. We’ve been there, done that, and got the cloud t-shirt – and we want to share the benefits of cloud with you. 

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About Westcoast Cloud

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Introducing our five-pillar cloud strategy

Smarter Discovery

Ask the right questions and find out what your customers really want. 

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Sharper Applications

Our applications are designed to dovetail with your existing services. 

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Faster Deployment

Moving to the cloud or installing a new solution? Get there faster.  

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Stronger Security

Keep your customers one step ahead of potential threats and cloud risk.  

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Greater Support

Cloud training, pre-sales consultancy, expert advice and more.   

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Our vendors

We’re proud to offer solutions from some of the very best names in cloud – including a broad range of trusted cloud specialists, cloud service providers and global leaders – which ensures we meet every individual customer requirement.

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