The Westcoast Cloud Team
May 23, 2022

The secret to selling Dynamics 365

Meet Magentta Fulker. As our Dynamics Business Development Manager, she helps partners to grow their businesses through selling Dynamics. She speaks really highly of this solution, and we wanted to find out why. So, we sat down for a chat with her to discuss what it can do for resellers and their customers.

“Dynamics is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool,” Magentta explains. “The CRM side helps to maintain customer relationships, track sales leads, and deliver actionable data. The ERP side manages things like company finances, supply chains, manufacturing, commerce, and human resource activities.”

She goes on to tell us that Dynamics can connect entire businesses. “Microsoft was actually one of the first business application vendors to combine CRM and ERP capabilities,” she says. “They’ve certainly got a lot of experience.”

The art of innovation

According to Magentta, what makes Dynamics truly unique is that it’s the perfect intersection between calculation and creativity. As Magentta herself puts it, “It’s not just about solving real-world problems – it’s about creating new experiences.”

To tell you the truth, that’s probably our favourite thing about Dynamics. You can customise it according to a client’s individual needs. You can bolt on apps as you grow. And by integrating it with solutions like Power Platform, you can leverage hundreds of other apps – which is exactly how you deliver innovative business solutions and experiences.

What does this mean for resellers? Magentta believes that the numbers speak for themselves.

“About 500 million new apps will be created in the next five years – so there’s plenty of opportunity to tailor Dynamics to each of your customers’ business needs. If you already sell Modern Workplace, adding Dynamics to the stack can seriously up your revenue”

The science of selling

Dynamics can do as much for you as it can for your customers – that much is clear. But how do you actually go about using it to boost your revenue?

“The trick is spotting a good sales opportunity,” Magentta explains. “To do that, there’s a bunch of questions you should be asking your customers: Do your current systems integrate with Outlook? Can you easily switch between applications? Could you automate your workflows? Do you want to move away from Excel spreadsheets? Are you looking to connect Amazon, Google, and other third-party solutions? It’s important to ask those questions around spreadsheets, processes, and integration. They really shed light on unmet needs and untapped opportunities.”

And Magentta has it all figured out – she helps partners to understand the many ways that Dynamics can be useful for their clients.

Is it really worth the hassle?

Solutions that do it all can seem a bit daunting. Sometimes, it’s tempting to just stick to what you know. Is Dynamics simply too much for newbies to take on? We ask Magentta, and she’s quick to protest.

“Dynamics used to be sold as one big solution with all the customer engagement apps included. That’s why it’s got a bit of a reputation. But things have changed since then. You can now buy and sell on a per-app basis. This actually makes Dynamics really easy to work with – because you’re building as you grow, step by step, at a pace you’re comfortable with.”

Magentta and her team help partners build out their Dynamics practice, taking care of everything from sales opportunities and proposals to licensing and technical support.

“We offer training days and webinars to help you get to grips with the fundamentals of Dynamics. And partners can always reach out to me if they have any questions.”

Her team can even help partners who don’t want to get too caught up with licensing.

“We run joint vendor webinars that showcase partner-to-partner offerings too,” she says. “So if you don’t have the knowledge or capabilities to actually deploy Dynamics, or you don’t want to upskill your employees, we can put you in touch with a partner who will do it all for you.”

If you have any questions about Dynamics or want to learn more about the support Magentta can provide, drop us an email at We’re always happy to help.