John Breslin
November 19, 2021

Meet John Breslin, our Azure Business Development Manager in Ireland

Hi, I’m John, and I’ve been working at Westcoast Cloud for just over a year. I help our partners grow their businesses and learn all they need to know about cloud.

A lot of my work revolves around supporting partners through training, development, and sales campaigns. I’m constantly looking to learn more about how our partners do business, and what makes them tick. Having a comprehensive understanding of the solutions we offer is vital, so that I can advise partners on the best product to suit their needs.

For instance, if a business needs to facilitate widespread hybrid remote working, Azure Virtual Desktop does that. By helping staff access their machine remotely from anywhere. Microsoft solutions are great at that – making life easier for workers. By combining technology with people’s needs, Microsoft products allow our partners and their clients to grow their respective businesses and protect themselves through internal or third party add-ons.

At Westcoast Cloud, I love working in such a strong team. We have a fantastic level of expertise across the board, and all of us share the same goal of delivering as much value as we can to all of our partners.

It sounds cliché to say that my team are more than just my colleagues, but it’s true, and I’ve formed strong relationships that extend outside of work. Some of these relationships even existed before I worked here. I knew Stee, whose blog you can read here, from school!  Ireland is a small place, after all!

I like a sense of completion. The best solutions are those in which everything works out and everyone wins. I think it’s important that you understand each partner’s goal and the journey they are on. Then you can meet them where they are, on their level.

Partner journeys are constantly evolving. For example, with cybercrime on the rise, many of our clients are looking to sharpen and boost their security processes. It’s important, therefore, to keep a keen eye on the market, in order to provide the best service possible.

One reason I’m able to keep up with the market is because my curiosity in tech is so extensive, it’s an industry I have always been interested in which has meant I always keep up to date on tech news and developments.

I’m also a passionate Xbox gamer, and have been from a young age. That started my relationship with Microsoft. 15 years later, and I’m now just as excited about integrating different applications with Microsoft Teams, Viva and Dynamics as I am about my Xbox games.

As a team, we are open-minded and positioned here in Ireland to help you, so don’t hesitate to reach out. A short conversation can open a lot of doors, and go a long way in not only improving your IT capabilities, but giving you increased technological independence.

If you think I or my team can help you, feel free to get in touch: