Create intelligent workplaces for your customers with AI-driven, user-optimised software solutions

What’s the old saying? Work smarter, not harder. To some, that means keyboard shortcuts, taking regular breaks and actually going to speak to Janet in Finance instead of sending her a lengthy email about your expenses.


To LiveTiles, working smarter means helping developers and business users to easily create intelligent, AI-enhanced dashboards, employee portals, and corporate intranets that maximise productivity and collaboration enterprise-wide. With little or no coding involved, LiveTiles gives organisations the power to unify workplace technologies and supply the right knowledge to the right people at the right time.


LiveTiles transforms the way their customers use technology, using:

  • Wizdom Intelligent Intranet: Create an AI-powered intranet built around people, intelligence and simplicity
  • Alliances: Leverage the power of LiveTiles’ partners, including Nucleus Cyber, Starmind and Zegami
  • Mosaic K-12: Create portals, site pages and online classrooms with the intranet designed for schools

Headquarted in New York, LiveTiles is a global company passionate about transformative enterprise solutions and empowering businesses wisen up their workplaces.

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