Deliver reliable communication solutions that enrich your customers’ working environments

Have you ever had a work call cut short due to a poor connection? Of course you have, it happens to us all. Naturally, colleagues unable to communicate with each other, with clients and with external vendors due to poor connectivity is bad for business.


Koris are fully managed and hybrid communications service specialists, who turn communications into a competitive advantage for their clients by integrating collaboration technologies into existing telephony platforms.


Using their ServiceFirst ethos, Koris can help your customers to:

  • Stay connected: Get constant, reliable voice and data connectivity, including on-premises, hosted or hybrid, wide or local area networks, internet, outbound, inbound and IP telephony
  • Drive collaboration: Rethink the way they work more, with more effective communication between customers, staff and partners
  • Manage communications: Whether fully managed or hybrid, Koris’ services encompass a full end-to-end offering, including design implementation, maintenance, proactive monitoring and management

Koris was founded in 2007, with the aim of delivering more effective collaboration and information-sharing solutions for customers, allowing them to focus on running their business, not on managing their communications.