Help your customers upskill their employees with personalised educational content

Who doesn’t love going back to school every now and then? Businesses are changing, transforming and evolving all the time, making use of new technology and exploring new ways of working. That often means employees need to change as well, by learning new skills, developing themselves as people and taking their careers to the next level.


Filtered help businesses to plug their skills gap and make learning relevant, by personalising their Microsoft training content for each employee. To support different learning styles, courses include a combination of text, screenshots, videos and interactive polls allowing users to gain immediate feedback.


Managers are granted access to a dashboard that allows them to see employees’ key metrics such as time spent learning and modules completed.


Your customers can use Filtered to:

  • Build specific skills in the areas you need
  • Breathe new life into your existing content
  • Run devoted multichannel comms campaigns
  • Adopt a data-driven strategy and prove ROI

Filtered are a team of 30 intrepid individuals based in Shoreditch, who are dedicated to making learning more efficient with a recommendations engine for adult education.