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Faster Deployment

Despite working through the Discovery phase with your customers, when all’s said and done you’re helping a business open a new chapter in their history, leading them into the great unknown. Therefore, to keep them feeling confident and reassured, it’s vital everything runs smoothly in the early stages of cloud deployment – and that’s where we come in. 

Whether migrating their data to the cloud, installing a new solution or integrating new cloud technologies with existing infrastructure, we’ll support you every step of the way. We even offer partner training on deployment, covering all aspects from cloud integration and synchronisation, to change control management. 

It’s not just about delivering innovative Cloud solutions – it’s about delivering the right innovative Cloud solutions as smoothly as possible.

I have always been impressed by the knowledge, efficiency and friendly manner of all members of the Cloud team.

Lindsey Warner
Operations Manager,
BCN Group

Meet your customers’ exact requirements – every time

It doesn’t stop there. Integrating with existing infrastructure and current software can also be a challenge – and minimising disruption and downtime throughout your business processes is essential. So, we’ll help you quickly identify and remedy any inconsistencies across the operating environment, either due to the two different programmes not working well together, or because the cloud technology being used is no longer fit for purpose.

With our wide range of cloud services, and our experienced team, we can help you integrate systems, deploy hybrid solutions, and build ADFS clusters, so you can put together a solution that meets your customers’ exact requirements, every time – ensuring they boost productivity immediately, while you boost your profits.

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