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We offer market-leading cloud tools to speed up your processes, build your business and deliver added value at all times. In a world where everyone wants it yesterday, our aim is to deliver a best-in-class cloud service to your customers, freeing up your resources to work on generating more revenue.

The Westcoast Cloud Marketplace

Ever wanted to be able to manage all your monthly Microsoft subscriptions in one place? 

Westcoast’s Cloud Marketplace provides access to an intuitive interface that lets you manage your CSP customers easily and efficiently, giving you more time to focus on new business.

Here’s why you should be using it:

Create brand new Microsoft Cloud customers

Invite existing Microsoft customers over to the CSP platform

Add/remove seats on the go, with results showing within minutes

Provision Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure – including all Microsoft add-on products (Skype PBX, File Storage etc)

Provision all our attached services

Customise your Marketplace to only show the products you’re interested in

Set your pricing

Manage your Azure services’ consumption and set thresholds

Start using Westcoast’s Cloud Marketplace today

Westcoast’s Cloud Marketplace

Knowledge base

Available exclusively to our cloud partners, the online knowledge base is designed to help you deliver an excellent level of service to your customers.

The platform will give you instant answers to any burning questions you have – whether you want to know more about the CSP products and services available to you, or if you’re wondering how to raise a support ticket, you’ll find all the answers here. 

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