Skykick help partners build more successful cloud businesses for their customers. Their wide range of SaaS products are designed to make it easy and efficient for IT partners to migrate, backup, and manage customers in the cloud. 

Skykick at a glance

  • Migration Suites for Office 365 provides project automation for safer migration
  • Cloud Backup for Office 365 provides unlimited backups and one-click restoration
  • All solutions are designed to reduce support costs and churn
  • Reduces risk for end-users who are tentative about embracing cloud

Why Westcoast Cloud recommends Skykick

Skykick are known around the world for their easy, approachable methods for cloud transition and management. They can be a perfect one-stop shop for the entire process, from migration to backup and general day-to-day operations within Office 365, making life easy for you.

Skykick Resources

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Product Overview

A cloud management platform to accelerate your business

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Migration Suites

Scale your business, take control, delight customers

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