LiveTiles is an evergreen platform that empowers users with the ability to create intelligent workplaces without the need for coding, as the entire solution is pre-built. It allows users to integrate business & social apps, resources, files and more on a single pane of glass using Office 365, SharePoint and Azure, it also allows customers to build their own Chatbots in any environment.

LiveTiles at a glance

  • Smarter, more engaging intranet
  • Consumer-level UI
  • Compatible with bot and AI technology
  • Creates clear, customisable dashboard for business users

Why Westcoast Cloud recommends LiveTiles

Keeping track of everything going on at work is hard. Missing crucial information can cost businesses money and reputation. LiveTiles is one of the smartest and easiest methods we’ve seen of getting all the crucial information individual employees need into one clean UI.

LiveTiles Resources

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Cloud Brochure

Collaborate with your team

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Intelligent Workplace

From a digital to intelligent workplace

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Sharepoint Brochure

Unite staff with Office 365 and Sharepoint

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