The Business Software Centre

The Business Software Centre’s philosophy is simple; “Pay for the software you use and use the software you are paying for.” They help businesses save money every day by recycling unused licences for unused products, switching off unused products, measuring what they are using and managing their current software assets closely.

Fully automated products services, working hard so you don't have to

  • Licence Control for Office 365
  • Microsoft SAM Managed Service and Usage Metering
  • One Time Microsoft Baseline
  • One Time Licence Optimisation Risks and Opportunities
  • Windows 7 to 10 Transition service

Why Westcoast Cloud recommends The Business Software Centre

We are always looking for solutions that make a real difference to business efficiency or outcomes. The products and services offered do both by tracking usage and non-usage by app by subscriber and identifying the costs savings by showing other options for licences. There are individual products in the Microsoft SAM Managed Service and Usage Metering package, there is something for every business.

TBSC Resources

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Rentsoft Meter

Learn about Rentsoft Meter - the intelligent software licensing tool

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SPLA Reporter

Find out about the SPLA Reporting challenge

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One-Time Microsoft Assessments

Guide to One -Time Microsoft Software Assessments

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Microsoft Licensing Efficiency

Guide to Microsoft Licensing Efficiency Services

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