At Westcoast Cloud we have a dedicated Microsoft Azure team who are keen to help you see the opportunities and margins that can be made with Microsoft Azure. We also have an experienced Cloud team, who can help with Microsoft Azure, as well as the full Microsoft product stack. Through CSP, Azure can be billed on a monthly basis, creating a recurring revenue stream for your business.

Selling Azure with Westcoast Cloud

  • Utilise our Azure Specialists to help you with your project on Azure.
  • Once the project and pricing has been established, it is time to begin.
  • You only need to give us the ‘go-ahead’ and we can provision your new Azure Portal, or we can teach you how to do this yourself.
  • Should you require any support after utilisation of the Azure Portal, we have a Support Team ready to help.

Why Westcoast Cloud recommends Azure

Microsoft Azure is a web-based portal. The Azure portal provides access to services such as virtual machines, backup, storage, among a multitude of other cloud-based applications. The Microsoft Azure portal itself can be managed in two ways; you can manage the portal for the end user and become their managed service, or you can allow the end user to have full management.

For more information about Microsoft

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