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Business Services

Some cloud providers are just interested in selling you their services, nothing more.

We’re not most cloud providers.

We pride ourselves on our support and understanding for partner businesses, which is why we offer a wide range of services and perks to ensure that the end-user always gets the best possible solution.

From financial services through to training and emergency support, our aim is always to help you.

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as a Service

We’re not just here to sell to you, we’re here to help you sell. We can operate as an extension of your in-house teams, providing the expertise and ability necessary at every stage of the transaction, from initial service pitching through to post-sales support, to make sure you always deliver the best solution available.

We can do this because of our:



We truly believe we have the best team here to support you on your cloud journey. We ensure they have regular training to keep up with the constant changes in the world of cloud, so they can pass their expert knowledge onto your teams, ensuring the right solution is always provided for your customer.

Monthly commitment

Our services are typically provided on a monthly basis, so there’s no long-term commitment from you or your customers. Buy and use what you need, then upsize and downsize when you need.


Our product portfolio encompasses the full suite of Microsoft cloud services, such as Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure. Alongside Microsoft, we work with 30 vendors that provide a variety of different services that complement our core offerings.


as a Service


Billing can often seem like a complex world, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We offer a range of support and services to make the whole finance process as easy as it can be.

To make your life easier, we offer:


Our specialist billing engine is designed to make recurring services as painless to bill as possible. Your bill is segmented by customer and service and can be customised in any way you’d like.


Need to know how much your customers have consumed each month? No problem. Our billing report can show you exactly what has been used, on what day, and even at what time within Azure. 


Fully integrate your billing system with ours. Pull data directly from our billing engine and into yours for easy data management.


Don’t have a way to bill your end users? Our billing engine can send bills directly to your customers, complete with your branding and bank details.


Want to take an instance of the entire billing engine for yourself? We’re happy to arrange this, based on your specific requirements.


as a Service

When you need questions answered, or problems solved, Westcoast Cloud is here to help you. Our dedicated support centre can provide around the clock aid and guidance to ensure you and your customers are never left in the dark. Feel free to call us with questions if you ever need us. 

Our services include:


We can leverage the massive knowledge base that our team has built up from supporting over 500,000 seats of Office 365, to help you and your customers in practically any scenario.


Our ticketing system enables us to manage and maintain strict SLA’s to deliver the best possible support service to our partners.

24/7 & 9 TO 5 OPTIONS

Our service desk is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Our 9am-5:30pm service is included as standard or, should your customers require it, we can also provide 24 hour services at a small charge per user.


We want to make sure that you can provide the best possible service to your end customers. That’s why we offer training for your support team as part of our service.


Our SLA’s fall in line with standard ITIL practice. Cloud emergencies and outages are rare, but they can happen. This is why we aim to solve any Severity One calls affecting multiple users within two hours.

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